Finishing a Project

For me there is nothing better than finishing a knitting project, especially when it’s taken a lot of time.

Today, after working a 6 day week, I wanted to allocate some specific time to knitting my hedgehog that I received from Let’s Knit Magazine. It’s was my mission to try and finish him before the day was done, and with many obstacles in my way – Such as dropping one of my knitting needles underneath the decking and into the abyss – I have finally finished my Hedgehog, and he’s a lot cuter than I expected!

I must admit I am really enjoying knitting toys, and although my jumper is yet to be finished, I have a feeling there will be a lot more cuddly toys to knit before my jumper is ready to wear.


Night Time Knitting

It’s Tuesday night, and instead of drinking or partying I find myself in bed with a pair of needles attempting to knit a very fluffy, and awfully cute, hedgehog.

I find knitting in bed relaxing and calming, and that’s the best thing, especially as everything else in my life right now seems to be going pear shaped! So I’m more than happy snuggled up knitting my hedgehog and slowly relaxing, hopefully he’ll turn out great, and my nighttime knitting adventures will be worth it!

I’m planning to also make a smaller hedgehog, of which I plan to put into a small box and give to my partner as a worry doll, as they have been going through some life changing stuff, so who wouldn’t want to have a cute little hedgehog on their side to speak all their thoughts too.

Wish me luck!

Hand Dying Yarn Adventures – Part One

So as I woke up at 6am I decided in my morning work routine haze, that there has always been something that I have wanted to try, and that has been hand dying my own yarn! So I went on to Devon Sun Yarns and found a great value yarn kit for only £20!


I honestly can’t wait for my kit to arrive and to start creating my own unique yarn to knit with!

If you’re looking to start dying your own yarn, I would definitely recommend Devon Sun Yarns, they have a great range of natural yarns as well as dyes to purchase separately or as a kit! Perfect for beginners.

I’ll be sure to start posting my yarn dye adventures, but for now I’m waiting for my new adventure to arrive in the post.

Knitting Stereotypes

I don’t know why, but I always get a mixed reaction when I tell people I knit. Being 19 the normal reaction I get is that I’m too ‘Young’ to be knitting, and that it’s something that old woman do when they’ve retired.

I must admit that I’ve never heard anything so stupid in all my life! Anyone can knit, no matter your age, gender or employment status!

It got me thinking; why do we hold such stereotypes against knitting? Only recently in the news they reported on how more traditional crafts are actually drawing in younger audiences! So why do people still have such a narrow point of few when it comes to a beautiful fun craft?

Then I realised that we hold many stereotypes against many hobbies, it can be hard even in this day and age for people to enjoy what they love without being judged for it, especially if they don’t fit the stereotype!

I firmly believe that anyone should enjoy what they do, and that knitting can bring joy and relaxation, even if you can’t knit a simple scarf! So I hope that in the future we stop holding stereotypes against small things such as knitting, so that everyone can enjoy doing what they love without feeling any judgment.

Knitting & Mental Health

Many people wouldn’t think about picking up a pair of needles and knitting when dealing with mental health issues. For me, I struggled to get out of bed in the morning, never mind trying to knit a scarf or a jumper, that would take too much energy, and half the time I would be too low to even think about doing anything like that.

Or that’s what I though as I stood in front of the yarn aisle in Wilko, a ball of teal DK in one hand, and a pair of 4mm knitting needles in the other.

Am I really doing this? I questioned as I sat on my bed, Wikihow loaded up on my computer, failing time and time again to cast on my stitches, never mind knitting a basic garter stitch without the whole scarf expanding in stitches. I had put the needles down more than 10 times by this point, vowing never to pick them up again, calling them stupid, calling myself stupid, and having a mental breakdown about how I’m not good at anything.

After many frustrated tears, no matter how many times I put down the needles, I always ended up picking them up again and again, not wanting to give up after seeing people creating amazing garments and toys online.

Slowly and surely after practising and building up my skills, before I knew it I had found a hobby that now I couldn’t see myself living without. It would be an understatement to say I have fallen in love with knitting, from the colourful balls of yarn to all the endless possibilities of patterns and items to create, the amount of pride and joy I feel when I complete projects is what has kept me knitting.

Knitting is such an understated relaxing activity, and after a while I felt my anxiety calm down to a quiet hum every time the needles are in my hands, I found myself even on my lowest days working towards something. My creations may not be perfect, but I feel like that’s a reflection of myself, and with each new item I create, it’s a new skill set I am learning, and a new achievement I have made.

So if you’re struggling, and you feel like you can’t achieve anything, pick up a pair of needles and a cheap ball of yarn and give it a go, and I will guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the craft as quickly as I did. As knitting can’t judge you, even if you suck at casting on and seaming edges like I do!

Mental Health 003Having these guys on my craft desk makes me realise that I can do anything if i put my mind to it!



My Favourite Knit Kit Picks

There’s loads of resources out there for your Knit Kits, however I’m going to run through my top 5 accessories in my Knit Kit that are not only good value, but are also cute and reliable!

1 – 74 PCS Knitting Tools Accessories Supplies Crochet Sewing Starter Kit Lots with Storage Case (

001 Pick

This neat and nifty kit contains all that you need, and has been a go to kit for me from the beginning. The kit contains loads of great goodies and tools, including different size needle stoppers, loads of stitch markers, yarn scissors and even cable needles and stitch holders, all of this in a handy plastic case is only £6.99!

Available from –

2 – Contemporary Notions Print Knitting Bag (Hobbygift)

002 Pick

This super cute knitting bag is perfect for storing all of your yarn, including needles, current projects and all of your accessories. With one outside pocket and silver lined holes on either end for threading your yarn through, I’ve found this bag to be perfect for storage, as well as transporting my current work when I’m on the go! The print is cute and the fabric is sturdy, a must have for anyone looking to store their knitting kit on the go!

Available from –

3 – John Lewis Needle Rolls (John Lewis)

003 Pick

One of the best knitting accessories I have is my needle wrap from John Lewis, available in loads of pretty patterns and designs, the wraps include needles from 3mm (UK) to 6mm (UK), all in their own space, so that you can add new needles and keep them all safe, with a simple tie and design perfect for storing your needles on the go. Personally I love the fabric and there’s plenty of space to add more needles!

Available from –

4 – Metal Bird Yarn Scissors (Yarn Paradise)004 Pick.jpg

These super cute yarn scissors are especially sharp and nimble, perfect for cutting your yarn and keeping the cut neat, I’ve found these scissors to be great at cutting all weights of yarn, from 4ply or DK to Super Chunky wool, so they make the perfect addition to any knit kit, with the design being delicate and pretty being an added bonus.

Available from –

5 – A7 Glitter Notebook (Wilko’s)

005 Pick copy

When it comes to knitting larger projects, it’s a great idea to keep a tally of what you’re doing during a pattern, this especially helps if you haven’t got a row counter, or want to pick up a project whenever you want. For me these small and pretty A7 notebooks from Wilko are a must for making notes on my knitting projects, from tallying off my rows, to making notes for future reference. The size of the notebooks make them are the perfect size for handbags and knitting bags as well!

Available from –